Top Quality Cypress Lumber

The History of Cypress

Gopher Wood, better known as Bald Cypress, has proven to be a beloved lumber since the beginning of time. These gracious beauties can reach upwards of 150-feet tall and can be found in low-lying areas, swamps and streams. Its first known use was for Noah’s Ark, playing a major role in the historical facts of that special event.

In the late 1700s, hollowed Cypress logs were widely used as water pipes, shortly after, Cypress Lumber brought about a new life as builders began constructing homes with its sturdy and powerful nature. Industry leaders and businesses began placing their trust in Yellow Cypress Lumber once they learned of its adaptability and strength.

Today, Cypress is the #1 trusted wood for architects and contractors. Its historical qualities have confirmed its ability to create eternal structures, floors and furniture. Many areas of virgin timber are still standing today, enhancing our land with natural artistry.

Why Cypress?

Cypress Lumber is widely used as an interior and exterior base for many homes and businesses, large & small. It’s fine grains and rich gold tone makes it an attractive choice in any environment. This type of wood adapts well to paint, stains and toners, acting as a versatile piece to match the décor of your surroundings. Cypress is a popular lumber among builders and designers, largely in part to its uniqueness and fine qualities.

Due to the special nature of Cypress Lumber, virgin timber is protected in National Parks and wildlife areas. That makes it common for most Cypress Lumber today to be second of third generation. Once we receive our shipment of Cypress it’s either kiln-dried or air-dried to 11-18% moisture content, this eliminates the shrinkage rate of your product, making it a highly stable version of the lumber.

With the benefit of its durability and natural oil base, cypress lumber will repel pests and insects, keeping your elements safe and foolproof. These same oils will protect the wood from decay and corrosion, making it a popular staple for handmade products both indoors and outdoors.

While Cypress welcomes stains and toners, if left untouched, the lumber transforms its beauty. Unfinished lumber when used indoors will take on a darker tone over the years, while unfinished lumber in outdoor space will turn a silver-grey. The aging process is well-liked and will add character to its setting.

Cypress offers an all-natural style to its space, improving the characteristic of any setting and is often times recommended by interior designers. Cypress trees are tall beauties that are found in the Southeast; before the lumber reaches our warehouse it is re-graded, therefore, enhancing its quality.

How Wilson Lumber Can Help

Being one of the largest distributors of bald cypress lumber allow us to provide mixed orders of cypress and hardwood. Orders can be arranged by wholesale, retail or direct, suiting the needs of the customer. Our company can aide in estimating how much lumber you will need for your project, our goal is to create a product that suits your needs.

Wilson Lumber Company will provide multiple sizes and proportions in any quantity you desire. We take great pride in supplying a product with versatility and attraction and thrive on being the experts in our industry, which is displayed in our day-to-day business. Contact us today to learn more about our services and supreme lumber products.

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