With its legendary hardiness and durability, Cypress wood lends elegance to any home, business, institution or recreational setting. It serves myriad applications outside the home, including fencing, decking, sidings, exterior trim, shutters, window boxes, gazebos, and landscape design elements. Other recommended uses include: fishing piers and boat houses, fishing and hunting lodges (both exterior and interior), restaurants, churches, offices, and meeting rooms.

Face Textures:

Rough sawn: can be bandsawn or circle-sawn in texture
Surfaced: surfaced on one, two, three or four sides
Resaw: bright, clean bandsawn-type faces
Brushline: striated-type face

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Rough Textures

From top to bottom these are examples of S4S, S1S2E, and Rough boards. You may also choose to have S1S2E with a resawn face rather than the rough face. The difference is that a rough face is just that...rough. It may have stick marks where the lumber was dried, marks made at the kiln, and various other markings. The resawn face is a rough texture but it is uniform and free of markings. S4S uniforms the width and thickness as well as surfacing all four sides. S1S2E surfaces three sides and leaves one side rough or resawn.

We welcome you to visit our Gallery page to view completed projects and more examples using different patterns, grades, and textures that we offer.

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